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Surgical abortion options vary depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy but there are two main types: vacuum aspiration or dilation & evacuation. Click below for experiences of surgical abortion:

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A grandmother's story about her daughter's surgical abortion

I share this because I didn't see any grandparents' stories, although I might have missed one. My children were brought-up to believe that they should wait until they got married before we ...

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The pain of 3 abortions eats away at me every single day

I can barely write my story as it makes me face the truth about my past and the children I will never get to know. I do know that the pain eats away at me every single day. I am a married ...

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I had a surgical abortion without sedation - it was horrendous

I had a surgical abortion 3 days ago. I found out I was pregnant after what, essentially, was a one night stand. I have been married for 10 years and have one child of 5 already. I met an old ...

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Sadly, my mum's response wasn't at all what I expected

I hadn't told anyone that my period was late, or that I'd suspected I was pregnant and I took the test alone in my house, convinced it would come out negative. When I saw the little blue plus I I ...

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I'm 23 and recently had a surgical abortion at 6 weeks

After reading so many people's experiences which helped me through my difficult time, and gave me a better understanding of what to expect, I thought I would share my own story. My so of ...

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My conscious sedation surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood

I gained so much from what other women shared Today I had an abortion. Prior to this procedure I spent hours online trying to educate myself so I would be able to not only be informed, I ...

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Never maternal, I hit 41 and was suddenly desperate for a child

I never had any maternal feelings until 1999, when I hit the age of 41, when suddenly I became desperate for a child. In retrospect, I now realise that this was my hormones acting up because at 42 ...

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