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Surgical abortion options vary depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy but there are two main types: vacuum aspiration or dilation & evacuation. Click below for experiences of surgical abortion:

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An 11-weeks surgical abortion after a gender test revealed a girl

I am 39 years old and a mother of 3 beautiful children. I was on birth control until last year when my period became very irregular and I thought I was going through menopause and had let down my ... Read more

My termination had been unsuccessful and had to be repeated

Finding out I was pregnant was the strangest day of my life, I've always wanted a child to the point that I knew which pram I wanted! I'd always felt though that when it happened I would jump for ... Read more

I worry at how easy it was to get my surgical abortion

Being 24 and single the last thing I wanted was to find out I was pregnant. I had a feeling I was but I was still having periods and so I ignored all the signs. By the I ... Read more

My bpas surgical abortion - nowhere near as bad as expected

Today I had a surgical abortion under general anaesthetic [more stories about ... Read more

When I saw the results turn positive, I broke down and cried

I was 22 when I found myself pregnant the first time. My boyfriend was overseas for the week. When I saw the results turn positive, I broke down and cried. Since he couldn't be for ... Read more

I'm 16 & my recent abortion is quite honestly my biggest regret

I am 16 years old and had an abortion recently. It was quite honestly the biggest regret I've ever made. My boyfriend and I had been in an on and off relationship for 5 years and stupidly ... Read more

I got pregnant after a drunken one night stand

I got pregnant after a drunken one night stand with a close friend. A week later, I realised I was a few days late and had been feeling really sick and emotional that week. I took a pregnancy test ... Read more

A surgical abortion at 18 weeks and three days

I had a surgical abortion on 21/09/2011. I am now wondering if I made the right choice. I was 18 weeks and three days when I went for it, I had only known I was pregnant for just over a week. I'd ... Read more

I regret my abortion with all my heart & wish I could take it back

My boyfriend and I decided a few months back that we wanted a baby, and so we tried and on my birthday this year I discovered I was in fact pregnant, 5 weeks :) I was soo happy, I was finally to I ... Read more

An abortion at 23 weeks at Marie Stopes

I am just recently turned 18 years old and had an abortion on the 1st of july 2011 at 2:08. It honestly was the worst thing I could have ever done. I was 23 weeks pregnant with a little went to my ... Read more

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