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141 views I had 5 ABORTIONS Read story 100 views We used condoms,could I still be pregnant? Read story 123 views I am 14 and one month pregnant with my bad boyfriend's baby. Read story 379 views I'm so scared of getting her pregnant Read story 494 views I had unprotected sex. Read story 741 views I'm 15 and I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Read story 846 views Unprotected sex at 14. Read story 406 views I'm almost certain I'm pregnant. Read story 452 views The guy I had sex with didn't use a condom. Read story 228 views I had unprotected sex and think I'm pregnant Read story 233 views Today we called the BPAS abortion service in Leeds Read story 440 views My parents are forcing me to terminate. Read story 475 views Could I be pregnant?? Read story 433 views My 16 year old is pregnant by her 15 year old boyfriend. Read story 713 views 15 + unsafe sex + emergency contraception = still pregnant? Read story 181 views Am I pregnant? Read story 389 views The first time I got pregnant I was 15. Read story 677 views I've realised how stupid I was to not use a condom. Read story 452 views The condom was not put on properly. Read story 307 views I'm 15 years old and I think I'm pregnant Read story 324 views I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Read story 280 views At 6 months pregnant he told me he had a child with another woman. Read story 332 views I'm 15 and I'm now 5 months pregnant. Read story 471 views I'm 15... this can't be happening to me. Read story 282 views I fell pregnant at 17 and had my son 1 month before my 18th birthday Read story

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