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1,250 views I lived with my fiancé for three and a half years when I discovered I was pregnant. I was taking the pill so it came as a really big shock. Read story 1,699 views I'm 23 yrs old and have only had an abortion three days ago. Read story 1,760 views Hello. Actually I’m waiting for an abortion (Sat.) I’m 24 years old and I’ve been with my partner for two years. Read story 2,214 views I had an abortion when I was 17 and I’m now 18. I was in my final year of college with good grades and was looking to go to university. Read story 1,594 views This can be the hardest topic to ever think and even talk about, but here is my story. Read story 5,188 views I had a surgical termination at 13 weeks and 3 days, 7 weeks ago. Read story 2,748 views I have lost all hope of ever getting over my termination. Read story 1,258 views I've just been looking through the archives on your website, and have just read the story of the lady who had an abortion in 1999... Read story 3,305 views I had two abortions. I got married when I was 17. Read story 1,254 views I am a mother of three year old twins and split up with their father two years ago. Read story 4,927 views I'm still struggling to get back to normal 3 years after an abortion Read story 90,317 views An NHS medical abortion yesterday at 7 weeks of pregnancy Read story 2,370 views I so want a baby but how can I when I've had 3 abortions Read story 1,763 views I'm currently a 21 year old student, doing well at university, but 5 years ago I had a termination. Read story 1,252 views I had an abortion on June 1st 2007. Read story 4,000 views Last year, I had an abortion at 14 weeks. It was left so late for the pure and simple reason that I had no idea I was pregnant. Read story 16,926 views I had an early medical abortion two days ago when I was eight weeks pregnant. Read story 1,365 views I shared the shock of one of the other women writing that she'd had three abortions. Read story 1,198 views I had an abortion on the 17th of February 2006 and I have thought about it ever since. Read story 1,666 views My story differs quite substantially to the ones I read on here. Read story 1,215 views The 7th March 2008, (my mum’s birthday) was the day I proceeded with my termination. Read story 1,297 views I had an abortion two years ago on the 10th August 2006. I think about it every day. Read story 1,517 views I don't think of myself as pregnant. I think of someone who will be having an abortion. Read story 1,587 views I felt better after the termination but now I wish I'd kept the baby Read story 1,700 views I was told that the medical way was better for me firstly because it was 'helping nature along' ... Read story

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