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Since coming off the pill after splitting with my long term partner a few years ago, I have had irregular periods. Read story I had an abortion 09 October 2008. I was almost 19 weeks pregnant Read story I'm writing these words just over two months after my abortion. Read story I would like to share my story, as it may help anyone about to undergo a medical abortion. Read story I’m 17, and had and abortion just two days ago. Read story I am the girl who fell pregnant two days before her fifteenth birthday Read story I am 21 years old and in my final year at university. Read story Just before my 20th birthday, I discovered I was pregnant. Read story Last September my world was turned upside down when I found out I was pregnant. Read story I had an abortion 18 years ago, which caused me years of pain and regret. Read story In September 2007, my partner and I at the time decided to try for a baby... Read story I'm 38, married with children aged 11 and 13, and got pregnant through having an affair. Read story Is a medical abortion better or a surgical abortion? Read story I have just read the story of the 31 year old lady and her experience with the Medical Abortion. Read story Four weeks on and my life’s a mess... Read story Even though I knew deep down it was not what I wanted, I still went through with it... Read story I’m 13 and I had an abortion six months ago in November. Read story I welcomed this man into my life and the lives of my children. Read story I had a medical abortion at six weeks in December 2008... Read story I’m 17 and fell pregnant three months ago. Read story I am 52 years old and, when I was 19, a decision was made that would change my life forever - I had an abortion. Read story I’m seventeen and regretting the abortion I had six weeks ago. Read story The day I 'terminated' my baby is the day my life changed forever. Read story In January 2009, I realised I was pregnant - I am 22 and married. Read story I'm 23 and recently had a Surgical Abortion at 6 weeks after getting pregnant after a short lived romance... Read story

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