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People describe their experiences relating to abortions carried out at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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My partner wasn't happy and asked me to have an abortion

When I became pregnant with my daughter I was 22 and not living with the father. I was living with a friend and having the time of my life. My partner was not happy when he found out and I ...

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Identical twins made my surgical abortion so much harder

I'm suffering from post-abortion stress. I have a tendency to always bottle my feelings up and when I read another women's story it inspired me to write my own. I am 18, I have been a ...

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My medical abortion at 12 weeks - what I saw was unexpected

I want to tell my story as I think it would help me in trying to get over the fact I have just had an abortion at the same time as splitting up with my partner. I was very ill with a chest ...

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I feel I've made a huge mistake

I had an abortion just over two weeks ago. I took a few weeks to make my decision and I felt really sure that I was doing the right thing. Now I can't sleep for thinking about how things ...

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I had an abortion at 12 weeks under conscious sedation

I had an abortion on 11th October this year and I regret it so much. I actually cannot stand this pain I am feeling. The baby was planned and my husband and I were overjoyed. At 12 and a ...

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