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My surgical abortion experience at 9 weeks of pregnancy

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and we have been living together for 2 years. I was on the pill, and regularly run packs together without a gap, so did not know I was pregnant until I 7 ...

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A surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes in Reading

I had a surgical abortion at Marie Stopes in Reading today under sedation. I found out a week and a half ago that I was pregnant. It was only by chance I took a pregnancy test as I was very I ...

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I'm 15 and I was pushed into a medical abortion 3 weeks ago

I'm 15 and I was pushed into an abortion by my 17 year old boyfriend 3 weeks ago. We've been together for 5 months. I wanted to keep the baby. I was 9 weeks pregnant and I felt we found I ...

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Please read this if you're frightened about medical abortion

I found out that I was pregnant following almost two weeks of feeling ‘strange’. I was late on my period (not unusual for me), but was feeling incredibly sick and absolutely often ...

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That baby's still on my mind 5 years after a medical termination

At 15 I found myself being quickly swept along in a whirlwind holiday romance. Before I knew it I had missed a period. When I first took the test my original reaction was excitement, that ...

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My experience of painful medical abortion at 9 weeks at BPAS

When I found out I was pregnant I was totally shocked and quite upset that I had got myself in this situation. I was scared about the abortion procedure, being too far gone and also about telling ...

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I'm in awful pain after an early medical abortion 3 days ago

I had an abortion on wednesday. Its now Sunday and I am in awful pain. Terrible Cramps, all I have been doing is crying. I went on Tuesday for the consultation where they give you a scan I ...

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My experience of medical abortion at 8-9 weeks of pregnancy

When I discovered I was pregnant, I was so sure that I wasn't ready for it. I've just turned 21 years old, I'm going back to college, just recently quit my job for full-time education and so ...

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I was heartbroken - my baby had 10 perfect fingers and toes

I had a medical termination a little while ago. My new partner and I already had three children from our previous relationship and I had suffered the loss of a child in infancy prior to the other ...

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