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Peoples stories involving abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

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My no. 1 piece of advice to anyone: never pass on quality

I wanted to share my story, because I found reading the other stories on here really helped me while I was going through my abortion. I am 19 years old, fresh out of my first year in and was ... Read more

To discover I was pregnant was such a shock and so upsetting

Im 26 and was shocked to find out i was pregnant. My partner is 23 and weve lived together for over a year now. We struggle financially and have our fair share of rows so to discover i was a ... Read more

My 9 wks surgical abortion under conscious sedation at BPAS

Having children is something I've always wanted to do. You know when you feel like there's something your meant to be in life ? Being a mom was a top priority and ambition of mine as I am I ... Read more

I was 16 and felt so pressured to sign the papers for an abortion

I was 16 when I fell pregnant. I was with my boyfriend for 2 years when it happened. He had always told me that he would support my decision if it happened but that wasn't the case at all. a ... Read more

Care staff told me if I had my baby it would be taken away

I was 17, in foster care and found out I was pregnant, at first I was happy about it, I was excited, this is the gods honest truth of how I felt, it was all I ever wanted, to have a baby and ... Read more

I wanted to know exactly what would happen in my abortion

I wanted to tell my story as when I was looking online I really wanted to know exactly what was going to happen after I had decided to terminate my pregnancy from beginning to end, for me of ... Read more

I wasn't fully aware, due to the drugs, and he had sex with me

It was a Thursday night out with one of my friends, we went to a few clubs like we do from time to time. The night was getting late but as per usual we wanted to carry on partying so we qued up at ... Read more

A surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes in Reading

I had a surgical abortion at Marie stopes in Reading today under sedation. I found out a week and a half ago that I was pregnant. It was only by chance I took a pregnancy test as I was getting and ... Read more

My experience of medical abortion at 8-9 weeks of pregnancy

When I discovered I was pregnant, I was so sure that I wasn't ready for it. I've just turned 21 years old, I'm going back to college, just recently quit my job for full time education and so with ... Read more

I was heartbroken - my baby had 10 perfect fingers and toes

I had a medical termination a little while ago. My new partner and I already had three children from our previous relationship and I had suffered the loss of a child in infancy prior to the other I a ... Read more

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