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UK abortion stories are everyday stories and accounts, positive and negative, sent in by those that have undergone or been involved with abortion in the UK.

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I remember my abortion in 1975 as if it was yesterday

Well, I started reading some of these abortion stories. Let me explain why it hits so hard and has never ever left my mind. I do not talk about that day. I am 64 now, but when I was 19 I I ... Read more

I'd recommend surgical abortion general anaesthetic at 6 weeks

It's been three days since I had a surgical (aspiration) abortion[1] on the ... Read more

Tips for dealing with the pain of medication abortion at 9 weeks

My experience of having the medication abortion[1] at 9 weeks and 4 days - tips for anyone ... Read more

I was 14 weeks pregnant (with no symptoms) before I found out

9th March 2019. I decided to have an abortion. Of course, it was my choice but it didn't make it easier being with someone who did not care. Although it was the right thing for me to do, it was a ... Read more

The abortion stories on this website helped me greatly

I’m writing my story to help other people who have chosen abortion. The ... Read more

There's a 1 in 5000 chance of this with surgical abortion

I found out I was pregnant and for my own personal reasons decided an ... Read more

My medical abortion was horrendous but I don't regret it

I found out I was pregnant quite early on, and I just knew when I was opening the packet of my pregnancy test, that this was going to be a sure ... Read more

My medical abortion experience at 5 weeks went exactly to plan

Having read predominantly negative experiences of medical ... Read more

My Marie Stopes experience was upsetting but not unbearable

I just wanted to share my experience of a medical abortion to ... Read more

Not enough info about my same day abortion at Marie Stopes

I wanted to share my experience of medical abortion at 6½ weeks because I feel like I would have benefitted from this information while I was going through it myself (some of the stories of ... Read more

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