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UK abortion stories are everyday stories and accounts, positive and negative, sent in by those that have undergone or been involved with abortion in the UK.

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My medical abortion experience was so different from others

I had my medical abortion yesterday and it was not at all what I expected. I found out I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks in. I was 8 weeks when I got the appointment for abortion. Was a bit of a I ... Read more

My experience of a BPAS medical abortion at 6 weeks 5 days

I’m 20 and found out I was pregnant after taking a test 3 days after my due period (needless to say I felt different before I took the test so it’s like I just knew). I just cried, I I ... Read more

I’m 39 years old and had a medical abortion at 5 wks 4 days

I’m 39 years old and had a medical abortion at 5weeks and 4 days a few days ago. I’ve never been pregnant before. I sort of assumed at 39 it’d be really hard to get pregnant. It ... Read more

I was told aborting twins is riskier and there'd be more pain

At the start of the year I’d felt really lonely. And so I was filling that gap with dating men. There was one boy I had sex with and it just so happened I’d accidentally missed a pill. ... Read more

My medical abortion pain was okay, it was bearable

I had my medical abortion at 7 weeks. I found out really early about 3 weeks in and from talking to my friend knew I would have to wait. Anyways by the time I got a convenient appt it was 7 weeks. ... Read more

This is how I managed my medical abortion pain

I wanted to share my experience of medical abortion. I had it on 16th feb 2019 with bpas. I was 7+5 weeks pregnant. They offered treatment on thr day of consultation which i was suprised at but as ... Read more

I was passing too much blood with clots the size of grapefruits

Just wanted to give my story to others, I had a medical abortion at 9 weeks, I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and took my time to make up my mind as to what I was going to do, this has been ... Read more

An 8 weeks medical abortion compared to a 6 weeks surgical

I wanted to share my recent experience of having a medical abortion at 8 weeks pregnant, compared to a surgical abortion I had 5 years ago at approximately six weeks pregnant. I'd also like to say ... Read more

This was my medical abortion at 7 weeks at NUPAS Finchley

Hi all, I hope this helps anyone who has found themselves reading these posts like I had. I wanted to share my story of my first pregnancy as allot of the other posts on here are about people who ... Read more

My NUPAS surgical abortion experience (at 11 weeks)

Okay so, I’m writing my story just to help anyone else thinking about a surgical abortion just like I did. I scoured the Internet for helpful stories did it hurt? What’s the process? I ... Read more

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