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1,362 views 14years old and a late period Read story 848 views I'm 18 and a month pregnant Read story 945 views 15, still at school and pregnant Read story 1,119 views I am 16 and pregnant Read story 1,327 views I was just 19 when I found out I was pregnant Read story 1,098 views I am 16 and desperate for a baby Read story 1,221 views I'm 15 and 31 weeks pregnant Read story 980 views I'm so scared I'm pregnant but don't know what can I do? Read story 1,148 views Taking the morning after pill Read story 980 views I ruled out abortion as I just couldn't do it Read story 908 views I always said I will never have another abortion Read story 1,015 views We slept together without using protection Read story 1,222 views A drunken mistake and now I am 1 month pregnant Read story 1,102 views I'm 15 and I'm pregnant Read story 1,207 views I can't stop thinking about having a baby Read story 925 views 16 and pregnant ? Read story 3,374 views I am 19 years old and 6 weeks pregnant Read story 1,469 views I'm 18 and schedualed to have a medical abortion in 15 days. Read story 995 views I'm 17 and had a positive test but he didn't want my baby. Read story 953 views I'm 16 and was 2 months when I had my abortion Read story 929 views I'm 16 and a year ago I found out I was pregnant Read story 878 views I am 15 and 8 weeks late Read story 1,043 views I'm 17 years old and 37 weeks pregnant Read story 1,081 views I knew she was my baby Read story 1,594 views I was 14 & wanted to give him up for adoption but I couldn't do it Read story

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