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Last year, I had an abortion at 14 weeks. It was left so late for the pure and simple reason that I had no idea I was pregnant. Read story I had an early medical abortion 2 days ago at 8 weeks pregnant Read story I shared the shock of one of the other women writing that she'd had three abortions. Read story I had an abortion on the 17th of February 2006 and I have thought about it ever since. Read story My story differs quite substantially to the ones I read on here. Read story The 7th March 2008, (my mum’s birthday) was the day I proceeded with my termination. Read story I had an abortion two years ago on the 10th August 2006. I think about it every day. Read story I don't think of myself as pregnant. I think of someone who will be having an abortion. Read story I felt better after the termination but now I wish I'd kept the baby Read story I was told that the medical way was better for me firstly because it was 'helping nature along' ... Read story I’m only 17. Two months pregnant. And I want an abortion. Read story At 39, I discovered that I was pregnant. I felt so scared. Read story After much agony, I went in for a medical termination at eight weeks. Read story I had an abortion 12 years ago and my life has not been the same since. Read story I felt I wanted to just write a bit of my story in hope that my experience may help someone else. I had an abortion ten months ago. Read story I was 32 when I found out I was pregnant and in a three year long relationship which had had many ups and downs. Read story I had my first abortion when I was 17. I wanted the baby and so kept it a secret for a long time. Read story I am 37. Never really had children on the cards and always been so careful. Read story This year is the 21st anniversary of my abortion. Read story I'm a pro-lifer - always have been, always will be - I guess. Read story I am six weeks and four days pregnant with my 14th pregnancy. I have four living children, the eldest is nearly 14 and the youngest is just 18 months. Read story I found out I was pregnant a few weeks before I was about to start a university course. Read story I am writing this to help anyone considering a medical abortion. Read story Hi, I'm 17 years old and in July last year my boyfriend of two years and I split up, but we kept sleeping with each other (I know…very stupid). Read story I had a surgical abortion yesterday. I have only been with my partner for three months and I am in my finals at university. Read story

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