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1,774 views In a rush decision, I had an abortion, which I totally regret. Read story 2,107 views I was hoping he would propose and set things up so we could be a family... Read story 1,951 views My partner had a vasectomy Read story 1,805 views I got pregnant at 15 and I am now 48. Read story 2,133 views I got pregnant in October and at first he seemed excited... Read story 2,483 views When I found out that I was pregnant, I was in shock at first. Read story 2,322 views I had an abortion two weeks and four days ago. Read story 4,427 views I had an abortion about a month ago and I regret every single minute of it. Read story 1,776 views There's not a single day that I've not thought about my abortion Read story 1,773 views It's been over a year now... Read story 3,296 views I instantly knew that I was pregnant... Read story 1,734 views I was 14 when I found out I was pregnant. Read story 3,419 views I knew I never wanted to get rid of my baby... Read story 1,821 views I am 45 years old. I had an abortion when I was 21 years old... Read story 3,392 views I'm 42 years old and had an abortion last week... Read story 3,409 views All through my life I have always said I disagree with abortion... Read story 1,830 views I was 15 when I fell pregnant. It became a dirty secret within the family... Read story 2,646 views So how did I end up having an abortion? Read story 2,168 views I was 34 years old, when I found out I was expecting a baby.... Read story 21,357 views A medical termination - my experience Read story 1,457 views 9 years on, I still think about it all the time Read story 2,018 views The daily guilt I feel is unbearable. Read story 5,313 views I found out I was pregnant... Read story 2,081 views The pain is still as strong... Read story 4,407 views I'm 27 and had an abortion at the end of March Read story

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