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I am 37. Never really had children on the cards and always been so careful. Read story This year is the 21st anniversary of my abortion. Read story I'm a pro-lifer - always have been, always will be - I guess. Read story I am six weeks and four days pregnant with my 14th pregnancy. I have four living children, the eldest is nearly 14 and the youngest is just 18 months. Read story I found out I was pregnant a few weeks before I was about to start a university course. Read story I am writing this to help anyone considering a medical abortion. Read story Hi, I'm 17 years old and in July last year my boyfriend of two years and I split up, but we kept sleeping with each other (I know…very stupid). Read story I had a surgical abortion yesterday. I have only been with my partner for three months and I am in my finals at university. Read story I had my abortion 28 years ago when I was 18. Read story I had an abortion because my boyfriend really did not want to have a baby. Read story Yesterday I had a surgical abortion. I can’t stop reliving the whole thing in my head. Read story I have had one abortion I did not want. I am now pregnant again. Read story I had an early medical abortion a year ago. (I was around 3/4 weeks from conception so got to it early.) Read story I only had my abortion two days ago. I am so sad, I cry constantly. I didn't really want it. Read story I'm at a crossroads. I found out I am pregnant yesterday. Read story I had my abortion a year and a half ago, and it was the most agonising experience of my life... Read story It’s four days since I had my abortion and I am totally lost. Read story I am 27 years old with two children. I had a surgical termination two weeks ago and have felt nothing but sadness, guilt and regret ever since. Read story I only just came across this website and cried watching Reannon's story because it is definitely a traumatic experience, abortion. Read story I have had three abortions. I can’t actually believe I have just written that. Read story Hi, my name is A and just over a year ago I had a medical abortion. I was 21. Read story I had a medical abortion ... Read story I had an abortion two weeks ago, and feel like this is the worst decision I could have ever made. Read story I had been in a strong, loving relationship with my partner for five years and we were living together, hoping to marry in the future... Read story I'm the girl that wrote in before, who was pressured into abortion Read story

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