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He was the one who told me to have an abortion and being young, at 17, and very naive, I did as I was told. My heart was not with an abortion... I had a medical abortion last week… I just read the story from the lady who experienced a painful medical abortion. Well I'm glad it wasn't just me! Four years ago, I discovered I was pregnant. It was an accident... I am 17 years old and had my abortion 3 weeks ago at 7 weeks pregnant. Only listen to YOURSELF! I was 16 weeks pregnant with my baby when I went to the doctor’s, where it was confirmed. The angel of my tears - a poem I was 16 when I had an abortion. I’m now 20 and it still deeply hurts me. When I found out I was pregnant at 15, I just wanted to cry. I post again, only 8 months after my first medical abortion and in 3 days time I am off for another. I too had a medical abortion last weekend. I was 8 weeks pregnant. Without considering me, he insisted that I have an abortion... I had a medical abortion in July last year after I fell pregnant by my married lover. This weekend would be my baby’s first birthday. I found out I was pregnant and was secretly really happy... I had the abortion and we went home. I thought I was ok but things have got worse! I had a medical termination at 10 weeks I have always felt a personal sadness for the secret of a scared and lonely 15 year old girl who seeks forgiveness... I still can't say the words. I did what I had to do, I had an abortion at 7 and a half weeks. Six months ago, my husband and I decided to end a pregnancy at 5 weeks... I had an abortion 6 months ago. After a week of threats, my dad finally wore me down. I agreed to have an abortion. In a rush decision, I had an abortion, which I totally regret.

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