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Hi, my name is A and just over a year ago I had a medical abortion. I was 21. I had a medical abortion ... I had an abortion two weeks ago, and feel like this is the worst decision I could have ever made. I had been in a strong, loving relationship with my partner for five years and we were living together, hoping to marry in the future... I'm the girl that wrote in before, who was pressured into abortion I had a medical abortion eleven weeks ago when I was seven weeks pregnant. When I had first found out I was pregnant, I couldn't believe it. I knew there was a possibility, but we always used protection. I had a medical termination in October 2007. My ex-boyfriend and I were sorting our problems out and wanting to get back together. We met up and ended up having sex. Hi, my name is B and I’m 24 years old. I had an abortion in September 2006. I was 14 weeks. An abortion 11 years ago resulted in the break-up of my family I aborted at 19 weeks not realising how developed my baby was My husband wants me to abort or will leave with my daughters I chose medical but also needed surgical due to RPOC Well it's 4.30am, the early morning after my medical abortion and I found myself looking for such a web site like this. I had one years ago...I was brought up pro-choice, and feel that way myself. Nonetheless it was a painful time. In October 2007, one of my best friends was killed in a motorcycle accident. After three days his machine was turned off and he died. Four days later, I found out I was pregnant. (Abortion) I hate this word... Hello. I had an abortion 27 years ago and it has taken me a long time to come to terms with it. This is still very fresh as I had the abortion just this morning. I pray, if we do have souls, that my angel is safe and protected in heaven, as I didn’t have the strength to protect my baby on earth. I felt different. I could feel a change in my body and although my period was not due for a week, I took a pregnancy test, with my friend waiting outside. It was positive... I had an abortion a week ago today. This website has helped me so much, and made me feel happier with my decision. Just to know that I am not alone. I am 28 years old I had a abortion in September 2007. I bunked the morning off school and took the test in a petrol garage toilet. It only cost 2.99. It was positive. Before I had even done the test, I knew that I was pregnant.

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