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Medical abortion is the ending/termination of pregnancy using medication rather than surgical procedures. Like all things, experiences vary greatly - some are straight-forward, others not so...

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My medical abortion at 7 weeks - this is what happened

My period is always on time, if not just one day late or early. This time...was not the case. I was 6 weeks pregnant and the thought of being pregnant to a guy that I just started dating was a ... Read more

I had read abortion horror stories that left me worried silly

Hi I decided to have medical Abortion at 6 weeks after a shock pregnancy I had worried myself silly over all the horror stories online so was expecting the worst when the procedure came a ... Read more

Why do I feel so bad after my medical abortion at 10 weeks?

I'm 18 and when I found out I was pregnant to my boyfriend, we decided a baby now wasn't right for us. I'm young and at uni in my first year and he's in a job he hates so we have no money and I ... Read more

I wanted a less invasive abortion with the option of privacy

I was nearly 9 WEEKS pregnant when I decided to get the medical abortion. I believe everybody needs to do which procedure is most comfortable for them, but for me I wanted a procedure less invasive I ... Read more

Please read this if you're frightened about medical abortion

Please read this if you're frightened about medical abortion. I found out that I was pregnant following almost two weeks of feeling 'strange'. I was late on my period (not unusual for me), but to ... Read more

It's not the most soul destroying & horrific experience of your life

I won't detail the reasons for my decision, not because it was difficult(far from it!) but because it is neither here nor there. I basically just want other ladies out there to know that it is NOT ... Read more

A medical termination after treatment for a vaginal infection

Every day for the past week I've been coming here to read of other people's experience of terminating their pregnancy in hope of feeling better about my own but that has proven futile. Now I've to my ... Read more

I just don't feel ready, and am scared to be a mum

I have just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and in the process of making a decision as to whether I should keep the baby or have a medical abortion. I don't want to keep the baby but I don't ... Read more

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