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I regret my abortion six years ago at the age of 17 Read story I was not emotionally prepared for the visual: don't look Read story Termination under local anaesthetic at 10 weeks and 4 days Read story It's the greatest sacrifice a woman can ever make Read story The test was negative but I knew something wasn't right Read story My positive surgical abortion experience in New Zealand Read story I'm not sugar coating it; it's scary and awful, but so worth it Read story It was something I'd been afraid of since I was in middle school Read story My surgical abortion with sedation at Marie Stopes, Leeds Read story I assumed it'd be like a heavy period but it was much worse Read story A simple run down of events during a 5 weeks medical abortion Read story I dread this day so much - 3 years ago I had a surgical abortion Read story The guilt I have is unbearable - does it ever get any easier? Read story I still have no idea if the medical abortion worked or not Read story A full hysterectomy with baby in womb after 2 failed abortions Read story I’ve never known this to happen after only the first tablet Read story I documented the experience - it's not AT ALL what I expected Read story I just wanted to share a positive medical termination story Read story Last year in May I aborted twins and regret it Read story He wants me to have an abortion Read story I read many abortion stories and expected a blood bath Read story I was an international student in the UK in need of an abortion Read story We're devastated. My baby has an abnormality & I have to abort Read story Years later I still regret my decision and wonder about that child Read story I'm 19, Nigerian, a Muslim and have had 5 abortions since 2011 Read story

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