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I'm 20 & suffering from an abortion at 11 weeks when I was 18 Read story For anyone feeling in the dark about having a surgical abortion Read story My emotional experience post-abortion is a living nightmare Read story At 16 wks I thought surgical abortion would be less traumatic Read story 17 & terrified but coped with abortion fairly easily - so can you! Read story I'm pro-life & thought abortion would never be an option for me Read story Abortion at 10 weeks: I looked and felt I'd made a huge mistake Read story I'm sad for the baby I wanted so much but it just wouldn't work Read story I took Plan B within 24 hours of intercourse yet still got pregnant Read story I Have Always Been Pro Choice But I Am Different Now Read story Surgical abortion might've been better knowing what I know now Read story I was 15 and pregnant but didn't realise until my bump showed Read story Positive Surgical Abortion (Local Anaesthetic) Read story Anyway in my head I decided to keep the baby Read story I had a medical abortion at 7 weeks 5 days. Read story The day of my abortion. Read story I elected to have a surgical abortion with sedation at 6.5 weeks Read story I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant at my first bpas consultation. Read story I've never really supported abortion. Read story I was just 18 when I found I was pregnant. Read story I'm 17 and recently found out that I was pregnant. Read story i found out i was pregnant when my period didnt come Read story A surgical abortion. Read story I had a second trimester no anaesthesia surgical abortion. Read story I felt I couldn't keep the baby and my partner thought the same. Read story

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