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701 views I had a late medical abortion at 18 weeks Read story 693 views I'm currently going through a medical abortion as we speak. Read story 178 views I had an abortion before google really was a thing. Read story 352 views It's been 3 days since I had the surgical procedure done under general anaesthetic. Read story 442 views I went in for the medical abortion. Read story 393 views I don't wish this upon anyone as IT IS the hardest thing Read story 196 views I want to give my first child the world Read story 221 views The thought of keeping the baby was not an option for him. Read story 354 views I thought I was making the right choice. Read story 190 views He just didn't care, and that hurt. Read story 557 views This weekend I had a medical abortion Read story 234 views I'm 18 and yesterday I had an abortion. Read story 785 views I had a surgical abortion when I was 15 weeks pregnant. Read story 758 views I have literally just gone through with the medical abortion. Read story 442 views I had an abortion 2 days ago. Read story 331 views I had an abortion at 19. Read story 185 views Can I have an abortion? Read story 187 views Just found out recently that I'm pregnant. Read story 654 views Today I had a surgical abortion. I was awake with local anaesthetic. Read story 908 views I had a medical abortion at 8 weeks 4 days. Read story 611 views Positive medical abortion experience Read story 378 views A surgical abortion at 14 weeks. Read story 399 views I fell pregnant. And I was blown away. Never felt happier. Read story 282 views Thinking about 2nd abortion in 5 months Read story 397 views I wish to share my concerns about a BPAS abortion clinic. Read story

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