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49 views This is the story of my abortion. Read story 71 views Honestly it was the worst experience of my life. Read story 47 views I'm 23 and 14 weeks pregnant Read story 56 views I regret having the abortion. Read story 47 views I want to share my pill abortion story. Read story 64 views Yesterday I was 8 weeks pregnant. Today I'm not. Read story 38 views When I saw those two lines that confirmed my fear I went numb. Read story 37 views I was in no position to have a baby so I decided to have an abortion. Read story 57 views Abortion at 7 week 2 day. Read story 47 views Medical Abortion at 9 weeks. Read story 385 views Medical abortion: I'm sharing my story for girls terrified like I was Read story 81 views I had an abortion on my 43rd birthday Read story 97 views A medical abortion at 18 weeks. Read story 1,145 views My medical abortion at 7 weeks - this is what happened Read story 47 views I have just turned 18 and discovered I was pregnant Read story 70 views A medical abortion at 9 weeks. Read story 66 views A surgical abortion under local anaesthetic. Read story 49 views I slept with a 15 year old girl. Read story 68 views A Journey towards post abortion recovery Read story 69 views He spiked my drink and then had sex with me. Read story 66 views I had a surgical abortion done today Read story 39 views I'm doing the medical abortion. Read story 360 views A surgical abortion at 6 weeks left me with extreme cramping Read story 270 views I had an emergency contraceptive < 48 hr after unprotected sex Read story 47 views I had to have an abortion 3 weeks ago due abnormalities with the baby. Read story

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