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I'm not ready to be Mum & had a medical termination yesterday Read story I was forced to have sex against my will and became pregnant Read story I had to make the greatest sacrifice a woman can ever make Read story A medical abortion Read story Termination of pregnancy. Read story Vacuum aspiration abortion Read story I had an abortion. Read story At 17 & studying, having a baby was out of the question Read story A surgical abortion Read story The waiting was the worst bit, every story increased my anxiety Read story I wasn't fully aware, due to the drugs, and he had sex with me Read story I dread it: my surgical abortion was 3 years ago to the day Read story I may be pregnant after 1-night-stand with a guy I don't care for Read story My medical abortion experience at a Marie Stopes clinic Read story I'm worried that the medical abortion didn't work. Read story Surgical abortion at 10 weeks Read story Abortion at 9 weeks Read story 2 weeks ago I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy Read story Conflicted emotions before termination, at peace afterwards Read story I've been feeling dead since my surgical abortion at 7 weeks Read story A deeply traumatic medical abortion at 8+5 weeks of pregnancy Read story Not wanting to accept abortion I talked as if keeping the baby Read story My BPAS surgical abortion under local anaesthetic took 5 mins Read story This was my late medical abortion at 16+1 weeks, hope it helps Read story Abortion's difficult and talking's good - get counselling & support Read story

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