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51 views I'm scared in case I can't get an abortion Read story 860 views What happened during my medical abortion, from start to finish Read story 66 views My horrible experience with Cytotec. Read story 48 views My morals won't let me kill a child Read story 47 views We both decided on abortion. Read story 79 views I had a medical abortion and absolutely regret it. Read story 58 views I let my mother and older brother convince me to have an abortion. Read story 51 views 2 years ago I chose to have a medical abortion Read story 69 views I never want to go through another abortion again. Read story 51 views I had an abortion 4 months ago. Read story 56 views Part of me wants to keep the baby. Read story 61 views This is my second abortion and I’m not proud of it. Read story 46 views The most empty feeling I have ever experienced, like my soul had been stolen. Read story 52 views I had a surgical abortion done a few years back, and felt overwhelming guilt. Read story 39 views I really don't want an abortion Read story 56 views My worst experience ever. Read story 11,856 views Neglecting the consequences of my actions led to an abortion Read story 53 views The biggest mistake of my entire life. Read story 44 views Pregnant Abroad Read story 68 views I had a late medical abortion at 16 weeks and 6 days. Read story 484 views I'm an abortion survivor: I survived two attempts on my life Read story 51 views I felt so blessed to have two beautiful twins and yet so cursed that I couldn't have them. Read story 51 views This was possibly one of the darkest and yet humbling experiences in my life. Read story 44 views I had an abortion on January 15th. Read story 42 views I wanted a medical abortion Read story

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