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I was taking blood thinners so couldn't have a medical abortion There were so many things keeping us from starting a family Late medical abortion due to medical complications at 21 weeks At the time, I thought I was doing what was best for everyone Now I'm battling PASS which is post-abortion stress syndrome I think its safe to say I'm not dealing with it as I should be We already have 3 kids and our plan didn't involve a 4th More than 20 years have passed since, but I can never forget All I can do now is grieve my lost boy and those poor little twins I have never felt so wrong, depressed and alone in all my life Because no one supported me I felt like I had no other choice She said my baby has Acrania and the next step is termination I don't know how to start but I just need to get this off my chest I want to start a family but at the same time, I just feel so guilty To discover I was pregnant was such a shock and so upsetting Don't make an emotional decision while vulnerable and alone The mental pain of that little circle will stay with me for eternity I needed a surgical abortion after a failed medical abortion My 9 wks surgical abortion under conscious sedation at BPAS My advice to any one about to go through this process Abortion: an easy decision but the hardest choice to live with I found I was pregnant 2 wks after taking the morning after pill I was 14 when I fell pregnant and had an abortion I feel I didn't stop to really think about it and feel so empty now Don't allow anyone to make you feel bad about your situation

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