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254 views I found out I was pregnant a little over two weeks ago. Read story 414 views A surgical abortion at 9 weeks. Read story 214 views Our baby has very little brain tissue Read story 398 views I am 19 years old and got a medical abortion at 10 weeks. Read story 360 views Surgical Abortion at just over 6 weeks Read story 360 views I am 22 and had a medical abortion this week. Read story 299 views I shared my story about my early medical abortion last year in October Read story 475 views I'm definitely going through with this. Read story 253 views I'm booked into getting a surgical abortion. Read story 348 views Abortion nightmares of losing my soul. Read story 279 views My Hyperemesis Gravidarum Hell ended in Abortion. Read story 412 views Sadly I had a medical abortion. Read story 543 views Medical abortion at 5 weeks, my story... Read story 145 views I don't know what to do. Read story 198 views I already have a baby who is living with my mother Read story 469 views A medical abortion at 8 weeks Read story 413 views A medical termination at 7 weeks 3 days. Read story 375 views I had a medical abortion yesterday and was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Read story 216 views A second unintended pregnancy Read story 342 views I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks 2 days Read story 244 views I had an abortion after being raped. Read story 283 views An early medical abortion. Read story 374 views Medical Abortion in Glasgow - very positive. Read story 269 views I would like to write about my abortion I had 20 years ago. Read story 207 views We recently got married and now I have found I am pregnant. Read story

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