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I have just had a surgical abortion a few weeks ago. Read story I was very upset to find out I was expecting my 3rd child. Read story I knew I didn't want a baby Read story I had a Medical Abortion at 7 weeks. Read story A surgical abortion with general anaesthetic. Read story A surgical abortion with sedation Read story A failed medical abortion at 7 weeks requiring a D&C Read story It didn't seem right to keep a baby after a one night stand Read story I had a surgical abortion with conscious sedation today. Read story Having the baby wasn't an option Read story Two weeks ago I took a pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant. Read story So here I am in the same situation I was in almost 6 years ago. Read story I knew straight away I couldn't keep it Read story I'm 17 and I decided that abortion is the best choice. I am not ready for a child. Read story I had an abortion due to my boyfriend not wanting the baby. Read story I am 17 years old and had a medical abortion today. Read story I had an abortion less than 5 months ago. Read story I am 14 and had an abortion in November 2014. Read story Ever since my miscarriage, I have wanted another baby. Read story I was offered an abortion on the NHS Read story I wasn't told what a late-term medical abortion would involve Read story I'm currently going through a medical abortion as we speak. Read story I had an abortion before google really was a thing. Read story It's been 3 days since I had the surgical procedure done under general anaesthetic. Read story I went in for the medical abortion. Read story

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