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I have had 3 medical abortions and each one has been different. Read story I still remember the way I felt when I saw the pregnancy test read positive. Five tests later, I actually started to get excited. Read story When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t know what to do with myself. Read story Hi I’m 15 and a half and my boyfriend is 20. I am up to 6 weeks pregnant. Read story I had never wanted to get rid of my baby; my boyfriend of two years forced me into it. Read story I was 14 when I fell pregnant. Read story At first, when I saw the positive pregnancy test, I couldn't quite believe it. Read story I was so scared and had lots of thoughts in my head about not being ready for fatherhood and stuff... Read story Straight after the abortion I regretted it. I realised I wanted it before the procedure but I didn't know if my boyfriend felt the same. Read story I had a medical abortion three weeks ago. Sadly I regret every minute of it. Read story I wish I had found this site before I did what I did. Even now, I can't say or write the word without cringing. Read story I am 19 and I had an abortion a few months ago. It was something I really didn’t want to do but I had to because my boyfriend didn’t want the baby. Read story The doctor took several blood tests and it turned out that I had German measles and the doctor explained how dangerous it was for both me and my baby. Read story I had a medical abortion three months ago. It went wrong. I have been back to hospital four times and been given antibiotics. Read story I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I hadn’t planned it, and as soon as I found out, he told me it was either him or the baby. Read story In May, I started a fling with my next door neighbour. It lasted six weeks, and I really thought I was falling for him. Read story I’m married, but have never had sex with my husband, so I knew this baby wasn't his. Read story My heart was saying don’t do it, but my head was saying this is the right thing to do. I cried for days hoping to miscarry myself because then my body would have ended it, not me. Read story I was certain that I wanted an abortion - my partner and I had never wanted children and still don't. Read story I had a surgical abortion yesterday and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. Read story When I was at the end of my first year at university, I was raped after a night at the student union. Read story I can’t believe I chose at 15 to give my baby a life and, at 27, I chose to kill my other baby. Read story The day I got the news I was pregnant I was so happy I couldn’t even imagine having an abortion. Read story I went for the scan myself, waited three hours and when the nurse told me it was twins, I felt my heart die right there and then. Something inside just left me. Read story All in all, I'm upset about what we've done, who wouldn't be? But this was what was right for us right now. Read story

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