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These stories involve and relate to, peoples experiences of abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

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A surgical abortion at 6 weeks left me with extreme cramping

Hi ladies, I came on here to read other experiences. I am a mother of three children whom I love very much, my youngest is a year old and I just found out I was six I to ...

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I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks 2 days

I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks 2 days of my pregnancy. I was prepared for a terrible experience but also felt, that this is my body, my uterus and my gestational sack and I want to deal with ...

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I had read abortion horror stories that left me worried silly

Hi I decided to have medical Abortion at 6 weeks after a shock pregnancy. I had worried myself silly over all the horror stories online so was expecting the worst when the procedure came a ...

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I couldn't go back to England and be a single mother of twins

I am sharing my story because I had a surgical abortion yesterday, and before this I read many stories of people's experiences on here [more stories about ...

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My medical abortion experience at 6 weeks

Well, nearly 5 months on and I now feel ready to share my story. The last few months for me have been some of the lowest I have ever had. I have never had to deal with feeling sad like this before ...

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I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnant at Marie Stopes

Yesterday I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnant at Marie Stopes. I want to share my story as there are a lot of scare stories on the Internet and barely any positive ones. Firstly I ...

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I hope my medical abortion will reassure other women

I had a medical abortion last week at 6 wks of pregnancy.  I want to share my story in the hope that it will reassure other women facing the same very difficult decision. I as ...

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After a failed medical abortion I had to have a surgical abortion

Out of all the stories I have read about abortion, none of them compare to mine. I wanted to share mine just in case any of you ladies are in the same boat as I am/was. I found out I was I ...

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I'm 24, 6-wks pregnant & having a medical abortion right now

24 years old, 6 weeks pregnant and I'm having my medical abortion as I write this. So why am I having an abortion? On the 23rd of June I had a few drinks with a friend and we slept my ...

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I'm 30 & today had a medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnancy

I had a medical abortion[1] today at 6 weeks into my pregnancy. I am 30 and have a child and being in fresh relationship we decided for medical I a ...

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