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Abortion stories that mention the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), an independent healthcare charity providing abortion services in the UK.

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There were so many things keeping us from starting a family

I had a surgical abortion at 16 weeks 5 days (more stories about surgical title="Stories ...

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All I can do now is grieve my lost boy and those poor little twins

I have had 3 abortions. Yes 3. I am a terrible human being. My first happened when I was 16, I was with my first long-term boyfriend and I fell pregnant in the first year of our I can't of ...

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To discover I was pregnant was such a shock and so upsetting

I'm 26 and was shocked to find out I was pregnant. My partner is 23 and we've lived together for over a year now. We struggle financially and have our fair share of rows so to discover I was was a ...

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My 9 wks surgical abortion under conscious sedation at BPAS

Having children is something I've always wanted to do. You know when you feel like there's something you're meant to be in life? Being a mum was a top priority and ambition of mine as I am very I ...

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I needed a surgical abortion after a failed medical abortion

I recently had a surgical abortion (click for more surgical abortion stories) a I I 7 ...

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I'd read accounts of other early medical abortions being agony

I found out I was pregnant about a week after a missed period (my periods are never on the dot so assumed it was just late until I tested) so this would have made me about 5 weeks rang my local on ...

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I was so shocked, it was NOTHING like I expected it to be

There are so many medical abortion horror stories out there that I wanted to share mine, in the it ...

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8 days after my medical abortion I woke up in horrific pain

I thought I'd share my experience with my abortion (click for more abortion stories) to help other people feel as if not I ...

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I literally terrified myself reading all these abortion horror stories

I had read loads of stories on this site about abortion. I had literally terrified myself over all of the horror stories and had spent endless nights reading stories and crying myself to just to I ...

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I had an abortion a year ago and still find it hard to talk about

I'd never really considered having a baby, I was always the one saying I never wanted children. Nearly a year ago today on my 20th birthday I had been out to celebrate and the next I I ...

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