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Medical abortion is the ending/termination of pregnancy using medication rather than surgical procedures. Like all things, experiences vary greatly - some are straight-forward, others not so...

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I took Plan B within 24 hours of intercourse yet still got pregnant

It all started with a positive pregnancy test. I felt an overwhelming rush of emotions. How could this happen? Why me? Plan B didn't work for me I had practiced abstinence for 3 ... Read more

Surgical abortion might've been better knowing what I know now

I wanted to share my story, since googling stories of other woman who had gone through some of the experiences and emotions I was feeling, was incredibly helpful to me during the entire found out ... Read more

This is a true and description of my BPAS abortion at 7 weeks

I am writing my experience post-medical abortion. Before I had the procedure I read so many stories online, and so I want to share my experience in the hope it helps others. This is a true of ... Read more

A medical abortion in my 4th month at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Hi. I'm 24 years old and a mother of a 2-year-old girl. I had a medical abortion in my 4th month (16 weeks) of pregnancy. [If you're particularly looking at 4 you'll find to ... Read more

What happened during my medical abortion, from start to finish

I chose this route because personally am horrified of surgical abortions [more experiences of ... Read more

Neglecting the consequences of my actions led to an abortion

My story is nothing new. It's happened to millions of girls just like me. I think it's probably par for the course for most young women- especially those of us in our early twenties- to be so in I ... Read more

Blessed with beautiful twins yet cursed as I couldn't keep them

I found out I was pregnant just after Christmas. I knew I was pregnant before I took the test, I could feel it. I was shocked, my family were shocked. It was very emotional. There were arguments I ... Read more

If I'd known it'd affect me like this, I wouldn't have considered it

I was 18, I had been with my boyfriend officially for 6 months when I found out I was pregnant. We had been really close friends for a year before that. I remember the day I conceived, it had ... Read more

Medical abortion: I'm sharing my story for girls terrified like I was

I had a medical abortion yesterday and I would just like to share my story for any girls who are terrified like I was. Let me start out by saying I am 20 years old and I have who is the of ... Read more

My medical abortion at 7 weeks - this is what happened

I was 6 weeks pregnant and the thought of being pregnant to a guy that I just started dating was a nightmare. How could this happen? But it did. I went to Planned met with the nurse I ... Read more

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