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I had immediately thought abortion was the way to go Read story I have not had my medical abortion yet, but I am booked in for Sunday Read story I chose the medicinal termination option Read story I got pregnant unexpectedly Read story I am 21 years old and I found out that I was pregnant Read story Positive medical abortion experience. Read story I am 18 and pregnant again Read story I had a Medical Abortion Read story I had a surgical abortion under general anaesthetic Read story Realistically I can't have this baby and be unmarried Read story I never thought I would have an abortion. Read story My husband said he wasn't sure another baby was the answer. Read story A poor service from Marie Stopes Read story I have just had a abortion. Here's my story. Read story I couldn't go back to England and be a single mother of twins Read story I had a late medical abortion at 13 weeks, 4 months ago Read story I don't believe in abortion, never have - so why did I do it? Read story I recently experienced a surgical abortion Read story I had an early medical abortion at 7 weeks and 6 days gestation. Read story It's not the most soul destroying & horrific experience of your life Read story I regret a medical termination last year that went wrong. Read story I was told I am insane and that I can't keep the baby Read story I am 22 and I had an abortion exactly one week ago Read story I have had two abortions in my past Read story I am 20 years old and had a medical abortion two and a half weeks ago. Read story

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