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569 views I'm 18 and a few weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. Read story 5,156 views Going through a medical abortion alone Read story 661 views I am screaming inside that I did not do the right thing Read story 2,764 views An extremely traumatic medical abortion. The follow-up 2 years later Read story 654 views I had been sexually active for 9 years, and had never had a scare. Read story 824 views I feel I've made a huge mistake Read story 1,032 views A medical abortion at 22 years old Read story 1,349 views An abortion at 12 weeks under conscious sedation Read story 896 views I booked a medical abortion at Marie Stopes and that was that Read story 810 views 2 yrs after an abortion at 17 years: breakdowns & low moments Read story 1,044 views An abortion 25 years ago Read story 2,067 views My medical abortion was horrendous, nobody checked on me Read story 3,503 views He recommended a surgical abortion under conscious sedation Read story 1,104 views An abortion at 13 Read story 710 views Medical abortion with hyperemisis in pregnancy Read story 1,721 views 41 years after a hysterotomy abortion my pain is still RAW Read story 283,361 views A medical abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy Read story 10,709 views Feckless young woman on a one-night stand ending in abortion Read story 4,672 views A medical abortion after an affair Read story 1,027 views I thought I'd never forget my medical abortion at 15 years old Read story 843 views My baby would have been a month old today Read story 1,967 views I had an abortion at 9 weeks Read story 1,122 views I opted for a medical procedure at 8 weeks Read story 725 views A lone parent with a disabled 6 year old Read story 3,586 views I had a surgical abortion under local anaesthetic Read story

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