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1,439 views I got the surgical abortion under local anaesthetic Read story 898 views I caught chlamydia and thought I could never have kids Read story 1,214 views I had to abort the baby because he wasn't ready to be a dad Read story 1,562 views I had a medical abortion on 13/2/10 Read story 1,818 views A surgical abortion at the age of 41 Read story 835 views I had an abortion 15 years ago Read story 773 views I had an abortion because my partner was violent Read story 4,078 views A medical termination at 7 weeks Read story 1,328 views I got pregnant at 17 after being raped Read story 1,310 views I'm 41 and 8 weeks pregnant Read story 2,032 views Sore breasts, back pain & tiredness 1 wk after unprotected sex Read story 717 views I was just 17 when I found out I was pregnant Read story 1,047 views I booked to have an abortion at 10 weeks Read story 696 views I was 16 and found out I was pregnant Read story 1,309 views I am 17 and I had a medical abortion Read story 1,413 views I finally plucked up the courage to do a pregnancy test. Read story 926 views I found out I was pregnant on the 29th June 2009. Read story 1,044 views I found out I was pregnant nearly 3 weeks ago. Read story 1,119 views I had conscious sedation, but I was fully aware of everything that was going on. Read story 1,071 views I was booked for the medical abortion. Read story 1,361 views I had a medical abortion almost 4 weeks ago. Read story 2,386 views It is two week since I terminated my pregnancy a choice I totally regret. Read story 1,286 views Ten days ago I had a medical termination at 8 and a half weeks pregnant. Read story 1,016 views Waiting for an abortion Read story 1,204 views the hardest part for me was telling my doctor that I didn't want to proceed with the pregnancy. Read story

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