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A surgical abortion at 7 weeks and 4 days Read story A surgical abortion after a failed vasectomy Read story You have to have an abortion because I'm not ready Read story I'm in awful pain after an early medical abortion 3 days ago Read story I had my medical termination today Read story I had a medical abortion today Read story I let my husband believe it was an accidental pregnancy Read story I will experience the pain for the rest of my life Read story I'm 20, at uni, and had a surgical abortion at 11 weeks Read story My experience of medical abortion at 8-9 weeks of pregnancy Read story I am 43 and had a surgical abortion today. Read story A grandmother's story about her daughter's surgical abortion Read story Medical termination - my step by step, 100% honest, experience Read story Loneliness and feeling of loss for 36 years Read story I'm 19 and had a medical abortion 2 days ago Read story My abortion was something I never talked about Read story 7 weeks pregnant and I swing from terror to moderate happiness Read story I had an abortion today Read story Ignoring grief didn't help my emotional recovery after abortion Read story I decided on a medical abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic Read story I had an abortion because of post-natal depression at 17 weeks Read story I never believed in abortions Read story My partner asked me to get an abortion and I was scared I would lose him Read story I do know that the pain eats away at me every single day. Read story Early Medical Abortion at 7 weeks Read story

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