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969 views I recently wrote about my abortion that took place Nov. 2009. This is just a follow up Read story 848 views I am a 20 year old girl who had an abortion in february 2009! Read story 1,257 views I was happy with the procedure just the side effects were so severe. Read story 882 views I had my termination in July 2007 after my husband walked out on me when I told him I was pregnant. Read story 888 views I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. Read story 870 views Here is My Story! I had termination in March 2005, nearly 5 years ago. Read story 1,059 views My partner especially was absolutely adamant we could not keep her Read story 883 views I had an abortion a year ago, and I still sometimes find it difficult to cope with. Read story 1,045 views I already had 3 children at eighteen with my partner a verbally abusive man but good father to my kids Read story 1,546 views I'm writing to help anyone who is considering having an early medical abortion and is scared. Read story 1,365 views The man who had got me pregnant was very abusive Read story 855 views I have had two abortions and until two weeks ago I felt more emotional about my first abortion. Read story 2,242 views I was 12 weeks 1 day pregnant when I had my termination... I cry everyday Read story 991 views I finally got a positive test and was told at the doctor that I was 9 weeks. Read story 1,223 views They asked many questions including whether I'd like to know if I had conceived twins. Read story 1,255 views I am desperate to get back to normal after my abortion, but I just don't know how. Read story 950 views I've had trouble getting over my grief and what I now think of as my depression. Read story 848 views Now we are again a couple of days further and I have fallen into a black hole. Read story 1,541 views My daughter had an abortion several years ago when she was a teenager.It was the most traumatic time of our life. Read story 1,048 views I had a gut instinct but because I was in my first year at uni, I felt like I would be disappointing my parents Read story 1,070 views I really couldn't tell you why, but I just couldn't do that again. Read story 921 views I was 17 when I got pregnant. It's been a year and I still cry myself to sleep most nights.. Read story 854 views I found out I was pregnant using a HPT on a Monday, but even before that I knew. Read story 1,097 views I felt like a clock was ticking on my womb. Read story 1,086 views My family had no idea,and in my society it's unacceptable,and if I told them they would disown me. I knew it,and I was devastated. Read story

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