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My family had no idea,and in my society it's unacceptable,and if I told them they would disown me. I knew it,and I was devastated. Read story I didn't think it would effect my life as much as it has. There is not a day goes by that I dont think about it. Read story I'm 34 yrs old and three weeks ago I found out I was thirteen weeks pregnant. Read story my biggest fear now is that I'll never become a mum because I chose to give away my first child. Read story I'm 19 and I had an abortion in June, I was 13 weeks pregnant. Read story Just a little over three months ago I had a medical abortion. This was not something I really wanted to do as I was completely against abortion. Read story Although we were both happy about the pregnancy, we both felt it was the wrong time. We had a termination in January. Read story I'm 16 years old and had an abortion 3weeks ago. I've been with my boyfriend for a year now. Read story Though well meant, I've been affected by the words of the nurse Read story I had a medical termination of pregnancy (TOP) 2 days ago at 9 weeks. It was the hardest decision I have ever made, but I felt I had no choice. Read story I had an abortion over four years ago now and I have regretted it every day since then. Read story I went to sleep soon after then I suddenly woke up with immense pain (the suction part of the procedure) I cried out in pain as I have never had pain like it. Read story We both agreed that neither of us were ready for children and went ahead with a termination.. Read story he kept saying things like "what do you want to do?" making it sound like I really had a choice. I of course did have a choice. Read story I'm 23 and can change my mind later, right now my youngest has just left baby-stage and I'm enjoying not having a baby in the house again. Read story "Your due date is around February 1st" were the only words it took for my world to come tumbling down. Read story This is a word of caution for anyone considering medical abortion... Read story I had a medical abortion when I was 6-week pregnant. I was not ready for a baby and went for the abortion option as soon as I learnt I was pregnant. Read story I really was so unsure about what to do and although I know no one could have made the decision for me, I wanted someone to talk to, to discuss both options and get some advice. Read story Then I found out I was pregnant again and he pressured me into having an abortion. Read story I am against abortions, I would never have thought of taking another life, whether it was just a bag of blood or not. Read story About two months ago I saw the two positive lines on the pregnancy test. Read story I fell pregnant as an older woman, and it was a complete shock. Read story I'm 15 and just found out I'm 6 mths pregnant - what can I do? Read story I had my abortion a week ago. I was 12 and a half weeks pregnant. Read story

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