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9,064 views Medical abortion at 14 weeks - my baby fell out of my womb Read story 1,345 views I had an abortion at 7 weeks because of lack of finances Read story 1,001 views I got my dream job and now I have an unplanned pregnancy Read story 1,543 views An early medical termination this week Read story 983 views I was Sikh, 16, not married and could not raise a child Read story 2,163 views I found I was pregnant at 4 wks but the scan showed nothing Read story 1,961 views A surgical termination under conscious sedation Read story 3,034 views I never had unprotected sex but at 17 I was pregnant Read story 714 views At 16 I found myself pregnant Read story 1,569 views I was 9 weeks and had a suction termination Read story 1,035 views A surgical abortion at 14 Read story 1,047 views The medical abortion was booked so quickly, with no discussion Read story 597 views 15 and got pregnant after a drunken mistake Read story 892 views An early medical abortion Read story 593 views Information about abortion for Ireland Read story 2,070 views A surgical abortion at 7 weeks and 4 days Read story 3,642 views A surgical abortion after a failed vasectomy Read story 898 views You have to have an abortion because I'm not ready Read story 1,985 views I'm in awful pain after an early medical abortion 3 days ago Read story 1,017 views I had my medical termination today Read story 925 views I had a medical abortion today Read story 1,134 views I let my husband believe it was an accidental pregnancy Read story 1,101 views I will experience the pain for the rest of my life Read story 2,208 views I'm 20, at uni, and had a surgical abortion at 11 weeks Read story 11,178 views My experience of medical abortion at 8-9 weeks of pregnancy Read story

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