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I found out I was pregnant two months ago. I had recently restarted my relationship with my partner of seven years... My pregnancy came as a complete shock... I had been seeing a guy off and on for about ten months. I'm 23 and nearly eleven weeks pregnant. I am 18 years old; I am graduating from High School in two weeks and getting my diploma. I'm a 26-year-old too scared to tell my mom I'm having a baby After finding out I was pregnant, and my partner telling me he wanted an abortion, I didn't know which way to turn My girlfriend's considering abortion but I'll do anything to keep it I am 17 years old and pregnant. If I choose abortion I'll lose my baby and my boyfriend I have just sat reading through the abortion and keeping my baby sections for over 3 hours... I'm 21 years old and nearing the end of my first year at university... Hi, I'm 22 years old and I have three beautiful children. I’ve taken three home pregnancy tests and they have all come up positive. I'm 20-yrs-old and need a second abortion 6 mths after the first It was just such a relief to be able to talk about my predicament I'm a 34 year old single mum to two children and have just found out I am four weeks pregnant!! I can't believe I'm in this position at 39, nearly 40. I am 22 years old - I have just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant by a man I have been 'seeing'. I live with my step mom and my dad. I'm 39 and just found out I'm pregnant! Totally unplanned. I’m 22 and have recently found out I was pregnant. Part 2 from November 2008: Hi everyone. I’m writing this because I just want to let other people know who are out there facing the same situation as me. I am 38 and six weeks pregnant. Is it possible to get pregnant after having sex after one day of taking the pill again after my period?

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