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Okay. I just found out last week that I was two weeks pregnant. I found out four days ago that I am nearly seven weeks pregnant. I am 17 years old and I found out I was pregnant a few days ago. I am 18, and I found out I was pregnant right after I missed my first period. I’m 27 and have two young children aged five and four. I'm having a medical abortion next Monday and I'm so scared. I am 16 I’m writing this because I am facing the same dilemma I faced six years ago. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and 17 years old. I am 35 and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 10 years. A poem I am 34 and 6 weeks pregnant. My partner and I have been together for 18 months and he was the one that suggested we try for a baby. My husband and I planned a baby and had our first try two weeks before our wedding. I am 5 weeks pregnant, after 3 miscarriages. I don't know what to do...I found out I was pregnant three weeks ago. I’m only 15, and pregnant, by a 20 year old my parents don’t approve of. I just turned twenty but found out a week before my birthday that I was 8 weeks pregnant. I found out a week ago I was six weeks pregnant for the first time. My first reaction was to cry with disappointment. It’s me again....the 26 year old mum who has the partner in France. Hi, I am 23, 8 weeks pregnant and scared. I have a two year old son from a previous violent relationship... I am 15 years old and I think I might be pregnant. I am a mother of 5 healthy beautiful children. I recently started working about a couple of months ago in a good job. This is the worst thing in my life. I’m 26 years old and 6 weeks pregnant with my second child...

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