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1,188 views I’m 27 and have two young children aged five and four. Read story 2,637 views I'm having a medical abortion next Monday and I'm so scared. Read story 1,270 views I am 16 Read story 1,453 views I’m writing this because I am facing the same dilemma I faced six years ago. Read story 2,337 views I’m 21 weeks pregnant and 17 years old. Read story 1,512 views I am 35 and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 10 years. Read story 1,538 views A poem Read story 1,560 views I am 34 and 6 weeks pregnant. My partner and I have been together for 18 months and he was the one that suggested we try for a baby. Read story 1,726 views My husband and I planned a baby and had our first try two weeks before our wedding. Read story 1,629 views I am 5 weeks pregnant, after 3 miscarriages. Read story 1,534 views I don't know what to do...I found out I was pregnant three weeks ago. Read story 3,175 views I’m only 15, and pregnant, by a 20 year old my parents don’t approve of. Read story 1,356 views I just turned twenty but found out a week before my birthday that I was 8 weeks pregnant. Read story 1,626 views I found out a week ago I was six weeks pregnant for the first time. My first reaction was to cry with disappointment. Read story 1,463 views It’s me again....the 26 year old mum who has the partner in France. Read story 1,673 views Hi, I am 23, 8 weeks pregnant and scared. I have a two year old son from a previous violent relationship... Read story 1,847 views I am 15 years old and I think I might be pregnant. Read story 1,386 views I am a mother of 5 healthy beautiful children. Read story 1,322 views I recently started working about a couple of months ago in a good job. Read story 1,944 views This is the worst thing in my life. Read story 2,450 views I’m 26 years old and 6 weeks pregnant with my second child... Read story 1,614 views We were going to start trying for a baby this fall. I went off the pill, quit smoking and started taking prenatal vitamins. Read story 1,920 views I’m 29 years of age and have twin girls as a result of fertility treatment...who are 6 and a half months old . Read story 1,896 views I have a daughter with my husband who is a year old this week. I am pregnant with the second and found out it was a girl and am considering an abortion at 21 weeks. Read story 1,859 views I am 25 with three children and pregnant again. My partner of nine years is very unsupportive and has been since the birth of our first child. Read story

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