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I was pregnant & shocked - I'd been on birth control for months

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant... I was shocked. I've been on birth control for the past several months after having my daughter 8 months ago. I told my boyfriend and of he was ... Read more

I was told this is how they now do medical abortion under 9 wks

Medical abortion at 8 weeks [more accounts of medical abortion and ... Read more

Even if you're sure, abortion is still heart-breaking to live with

I had an abortion 23 weeks ago tomorrow! I'd be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. I have just worked that out I knew the weeks exactly a while back but at some point I stopped counting, I hope ... Read more

My conscious sedation abortion was painful but it was quick

Surgical abortion at 8 weeks... I found out that I was pregnant 4 weeks ago and had a surgical termination under conscious sedation yesterday. I 100% know that I can not have another baby ... Read more

A simple run down of events during a 5 weeks medical abortion

I'm writing this to put a few minds at ease. After going through horrific abortion stories I thought I should tell you my version of events. It all started when I missed my period, at I my ... Read more

A deeply traumatic medical abortion at 8+5 weeks of pregnancy

My experience of medical abortion was deeply took the first pill ... Read more

Neglecting the consequences of my actions led to an abortion

My story is nothing new. It's happened to millions of girls just like me. I think it's probably par for the course for most young women- especially those of us in our early twenties- to be so in I ... Read more

My medical abortion story for those searching the web, as I did

I had a medical abortion last week and wanted to share my experience with people like me. I searched the internet trailing for experiences, I found these mainly to be negative and took the ... Read more

It's not the most soul destroying & horrific experience of your life

I won't detail the reasons for my decision, not because it was difficult(far from it!) but because it is neither here nor there. I basically just want other ladies out I ... Read more

I tortured myself for days before my medical abortion at 8 weeks

Hi, I just wanted to post my experience of a medical abortion[1] after having gone through ... Read more

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