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Read peoples experiences of abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

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I was pregnant & shocked - I'd been on birth control for months

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant.. I was shocked. Ive been on birth control for the past several months after having my daughter 8 months ago. I told my boyfriend of course he I ... Read more

I was told this is how they now do medical abortion under 9 wks

Medical abortion at 8 weeks. I thought I'd share my story because everyone's experience is different and I'd read a few of these stories before I took the pills and scared myself silly. I on ... Read more

Even if you're sure, abortion is still heart-breaking to live with

I had an abortion 23 weeks ago tomorrow! I'd be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. I have just worked that out I knew the weeks exactly a while back but at some point I stopped counting, I hope that's a ... Read more

My conscious sedation abortion was painful but it was quick

Surgical abortion at 8 weeks... I found out that I was pregnant 4 weeks ago and had a surgical termination under conscious sedation yesterday. I 100% know that I can not have another baby (I have ... Read more

A simple run down of events during a 5 weeks medical abortion

I'm writing this to put a few minds at ease. After going through horrific abortion stories I thought I should tell you my version of events. It all started when I missed my period, at I my ... Read more

I had a medical abortion 4 days ago, at 8 weeks pregnant

I am writing this to tell people my experience of the medical abortion as I hope it may help someone. I had a medical abortion 4 days ago, at 8 weeks pregnant. Upon finding out I was pregnant I I ... Read more

I had an early medical abortion 2 days ago at 8 weeks pregnant

I had an early medical abortion two days ago when I was eight weeks pregnant. My periods have always been irregular so I didn't think much of it when my period was two weeks late. That was until I I ... Read more

I wish I found this website before my termination of pregnancy

Never think that when a doctor tells you you can't have children that you actually "CANT". I never thought that I would write this story about myself. I hope if you are thinking of having an abortion ... Read more

Neglecting the consequences of my actions led to an abortion

My story is nothing new. It's happened to millions of girls just like me. I think it's probably par for the course for most young women- especially those of us in our early twenties- to be so in in I ... Read more

My medical abortion at 18 was a nasty, nasty experience

My story's a little strange, but I guess it would help me to share. I'm an eighteen year old girl, I enjoy most things that an eighteen year old girl would! I fell in love with a boy when I was - ... Read more

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