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Read peoples experiences of abortion at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

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At 38, with four children, I couldn’t face another pregnancy

I knew I couldn’t face another pregnancy at the age of 38, after having four children already. I was 5 1/2 weeks when I rang the clinic. I had to wait two weeks for my first consultation, then week I ... Read more

A deeply traumatic medical abortion at 8+5 weeks of pregnancy

My experience of medical abortion was deeply traumatic. i had my first appointment where they scanned me & i was told i am 8+5 & then given the option of medical or surgical....i chose medical & the ... Read more

I tortured myself for days before my medical abortion at 8 weeks

Hi I just wanted to post my experience of a medical abortion after having gone through the final procedure today. I feel like I owe it to other women out there about to go through with the procedure ... Read more

I risked unprotected sex with my boyfriend: how wrong & selfish!

Hello to all the women reading this, I'm twenty-one years old, at a perfect age to have healthy, young children. I had tried previous methods of contraception such as the pill (which didn't suit I ... Read more

This is a positive story about my medical abortion at 8 weeks

Being a student with financial issues is one problem. Being a student with financial issues and the maturity of a 10 year old is an even bigger problem, especially where a baby is concerned! I am ... Read more

Help for those considering abortion but scared by horror stories

I wanted to post this to help people considering this procedure who, like me, are terrified by the horror stories online. I found out I was pregnant on the 06/09/12. I had a miscarriage earlier in ... Read more

I regret my abortion hugely; I could've managed, but felt scared

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, and had my medical abortion at 8 weeks. After having 4 weeks to really argue with myself on what to do, I decided - with the influence of the father (which ... Read more

Medical abortion at 8 weeks - I'm a mixed bag of emotions

I have read a few other people's experiences of abortions before I had mine and found them informative and helpful so now I would like to share my story.... Medical Termination @ 8 found ... Read more

Hopefully, my medical abortion at 8 weeks will ease a few minds

I wanted to write this because I myself spent alot of time looking for people's stories on medical abortion and was extremely worried with what I found, so I have decided to share my own experience a ... Read more

My medical abortion story for those searching the web, as I did

I had a medical abortion last week and wanted to share my experience with people like me Who search the internet trailing for experiences, I found these mainly to be negative and upsetting!! I am ... Read more

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