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Medical abortion is the ending/termination of pregnancy using medication rather than surgical procedures. Like all things, experiences vary greatly - some are straight-forward, others not so...

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I can't help but feel guilty over my medical abortion at 18 weeks

I had a medical abortion at almost 19 weeks. I'm an 18-year-old freshman in college. I live on campus and this is my first time being away from home even though I don't live too far ... Read more

I was passing too much blood with clots the size of grapefruits

Just wanted to give my story to others, I had a medical abortion at 9 weeks. [There are more abortion stories organised by different aspects, like method and term of pregnancy, to by I ... Read more

I got a medical abortion instead of surgical: it was more natural

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. I first decided to go with the ... Read more

Medical abortion at 9 weeks after a vasectomy failure

My husband's vasectomy failed I had a medical at ... Read more

An 8 weeks medical abortion compared to a 6 weeks surgical

I wanted to share my recent experience of having a medical abortion at ... Read more

This was my medical abortion at 7 weeks at NUPAS Finchley

I wanted to share the story of my first pregnancy Hi all, I hope this helps anyone who has found themselves reading these posts as I had. I wanted to share the story of my first as a lot ... Read more

Hopeless and mentally worn down, abortion wasn't my choice

About 2 years ago my engagement with a man I had been with since I was a teenager began to break down. I was lost and confused but one thing that I was certain about was my feelings for a friend I ... Read more

I was mentally and physically unprepared for my abortion

Mentally and physically unprepared I am sharing my experience of abortion not to influence choices but to make sure no women go into it mentally and physically like I ... Read more

Medical abortion at 14 weeks - my baby came out alive!

I'll give you a little back story on me first. I have a 7-year-old, two years later I was pregnant with my second and miscarried at 15 weeks, I have a 14-month-old and I was pregnant with my My I ... Read more

I never expected to hold my baby after my medical abortion

Being 23 and pregnant with no boyfriend was one of the biggest kicks in the teeth I had ever faced. During the time I found this out I had already contracted a mild form of pneumonia and pleurisy, ... Read more

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