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Medical abortion is the ending/termination of pregnancy using medication rather than surgical procedures. Like all things, experiences vary greatly - some are straight-forward, others not so...

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Positive 2019 medical abortion story with BPAS Leicester

Positive 2019 medical abortion story with BPAS Leicester. So I found out I was pregnant as I was very sick and exhausted. Basically, ... Read more

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on the second attempt

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on the second attempt. I want to tell this story as I found it difficult to find experiences similar to mine when this happened to me. I won't go into my to an ... Read more

From Northern Ireland to England for an abortion at 6 weeks

My medical abortion was at 6 weeks pregnant, I travelled to England from Northern Ireland. I was lucky and caught the pregnancy early at 2-3 weeks, it took nearly 3 weeks for them to arrange my in ... Read more

I'm now off antibiotics but my bleeding has gotten much heavier

Hi guys! So I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnant right at 4 weeks ago. I have been in a super supportive and loving relationship for about a year and even though we are both (21 6 ... Read more

I still have no idea if the medical abortion worked or not

Disclaimer: I still have no idea if the medical abortion worked or not. On Friday I found out that I'm pregnant. I did a urine test first thing in the morning. My husband ... Read more

A full hysterectomy with baby in womb after 2 failed abortions

You couldn’t make this up, to be honest. I did post the first part of my story on here while waiting to have a ... Read more

I’ve never known this to happen after only the first tablet

I have always been anti-abortion. Not generally, to each her own, but it’s a personal choice and I never ever would have imagined myself in this situation. For many reasons that I want to I ... Read more

But now I think, why? Why didn't I think about all my options?

It breaks my heart that I am writing this, and what breaks my heart, even more, is that I said goodbye before she got the chance to say hello. I am 19 years old and I had an abortion in the very I ... Read more

Aborting again 10 years later is the worse feeling in the world

I am 25 and have just qualified as a nurse and have just gotten a job. I slept with two guys a day apart: one I had been seeing for 3 years and this was the first time we had slept together in a a ... Read more

My experience wasn't simple, it didn't go as it should've done

This is the story of my own experience of medical abortion at 9 weeks pregnant. Before going through my own abortion I read numerous stories on this website regarding other ladies experiences ... Read more

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