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Medical abortion is the ending/termination of pregnancy using medication rather than surgical procedures. Like all things, experiences vary greatly - some are straight-forward, others not so...

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A scan at 22 weeks showed my baby had a bilateral cleft lip

Hi all. After 2 years of marriage, struggling for pregnancy, I was losing hope that I could be pregnant... It was normal for my period to be 5 to 8 days past due. In the month of ... Read more

I'm going through a medical abortion alone and it's killing me

I just wanted to tell someone, anyone. I am 30 now and should have been wiser especially having got pregnant when I was 14. I feel so stupid that this is even happening to me... found out ... Read more

From religious backgrounds, it wouldn't sit well with our parents

In late August I found out I was 3 Weeks pregnant. After speaking to my boyfriend we both agreed that an abortion would be the best thing for us. We have been in a relationship for five as ... Read more

I'll never forget my late term-medical termination at 17 weeks

So yesterday was most definitely the worst day of my life and an experience I'll never be able to forget. When I found out I was pregnant I didn't know what or how to feel. I guess I felt ashamed, ... Read more

Always very pro-life, I never thought I'd consider an abortion

After reading a lot about this subject (medical abortion stories) on this forum I decided to my ... Read more

"You're 26 weeks" - I thought he was joking 'till I saw the screen

I wanted to share my story about my pregnancy. It is very stressful for me I am 18 years old l, still in high school and 8 months pregnant:/ I found out that I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I I ... Read more

I've had a surgical abortion at 8 weeks and medical at 14 weeks

Today I had my medical abortion (I've just got back home) and I just wanted to write so ... Read more

I'm not proud of it, but this year alone I've had two abortions

Within this year alone I've had 2 abortions. It's not something that I am proud of, but it happened and I know that I am not prepared to be someone's mother. The first abortion I had was I ... Read more

I had an abortion as I was worried about what people would say

For the past few days, my mind has constantly been going back and forth questioning whether I did the right thing. A conversation yesterday concluded that I had done something that I will live to ... Read more

Medical abortion at 6 weeks 1 day seemed a more natural way

Medical abortion at 6 weeks and 1 day. I opted for a ... Read more

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