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1,372 views A poem to SAMMY Read story 2,390 views I had a medical abortion 4 days ago Read story 1,853 views My mother wouldn't allow a baby so I had an abortion at 7½ wks Read story 93,808 views My experience of painful medical abortion at 9 weeks at BPAS Read story 3,430 views A surgical abortion at 19 weeks after a one night stand Read story 638 views 4 weeks pregnant, he's over the moon, I'm confused Read story 1,362 views I thought I'd never even consider abortion let alone go through it Read story 1,105 views I had a medical abortion a week ago Read story 1,453 views A medical abortion at 8 weeks Read story 576 views Two experiences of medical abortions Read story 4,526 views A medical abortion that took 51 hrs to begin Read story 552 views The grief of a grandmother Read story 988 views I had a medical abortion this morning Read story 2,345 views 2 medical abortions in a year Read story 863 views A medical abortion on Valentine's day Read story 1,186 views I had a surgical abortion as I'm 35 & smoke more than 10 a day Read story 2,326 views A muslim girl who had an abortion Read story 2,363 views A surgical abortion 6 months ago Read story 4,057 views I had a medical abortion at 8 weeks yesterday, I'm 37 years old Read story 1,010 views After we left the doctor, my bf said he didn't want to be with me Read story 784 views I had an abortion because my parents did not agree with teen pregnancy Read story 1,211 views The shock of my life, pregnant at 41 Read story 1,414 views Shock pregnancy at 40 years old Read story 661 views It seemed right at the time, but now it's hard Read story 638 views Terrified at bringing a baby into the world Read story

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