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6,566 views A late term medical abortion Read story 592 views A surgical abortion Read story 560 views I regret the decision I made to have an abortion. Read story 734 views An illegal medical abortion. Read story 452 views An abortion at 15 Read story 687 views I'm 17 and I had an abortion 10 months ago Read story 593 views After the abortion he walked out on me. Read story 1,103 views A medical abortion at 16 weeks Read story 433 views 9 months down the line I'm in utter pieces Read story 606 views Every day since my abortion I have cried Read story 1,057 views My medical abortion at 6 weeks - the best decision I ever made Read story 3,529 views I had a medical abortion at 13 weeks on the nhs Read story 15,022 views Please read this if you're frightened about medical abortion Read story 806 views A surgical abortion. Read story 773 views I'm 16 and regret the abortion I had just under three weeks ago Read story 5,723 views A medical abortion at 15 weeks Read story 601 views A medical abortion at 15 Read story 5,361 views I'm 30 and had a medical abortion through BPAS 3 days ago Read story 676 views A regreted medical abortion Read story 1,071 views I'm 25, yesterday I went for a surgical abortion at a BPAS clinic Read story 1,289 views A surgical abortion at 7 weeks Read story 1,114 views I'm 17 & 3-4 weeks pregnant. I'd love a baby, but I'm not ready Read story 2,368 views Identical twins made my surgical abortion so much harder Read story 5,638 views After medical abortion of twins, I just wish I could turn back time Read story 543 views I became pregnant a month after my sixteenth birthday. Read story

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