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Surgical abortion options vary depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy but there are two main types: vacuum aspiration or dilation & evacuation. Click below for experiences of surgical abortion:

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I was 14 when I fell pregnant and had an abortion

I was fourteen when I fell pregnant. No form of birth control was used, and I knew I was pregnant before taking the test. When I told my boyfriend of 16, he said the choice was mine, but a ...

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An abortion at 13 weeks after Chiari Malformation diagnosis

I had an abortion 7/16/2015. I am 24yrs old & I have a 6yr old. I never thought I would have another child soon. I was focused on doing things right this time. I was on birth control, working ...

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After an abortion, my life changed into living a nightmare

I had an abortion and my life has completely changed. I was in a happy relationship with someone who thought the world of me but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew what I wanted to do. I ...

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The greatest mistake I've made - the emotional pain won't go

Hi, my name is Mellisa and I have a 10-year-old child. I am with my partner of over nine years and its great. Two months ago I found out I was pregnant and then that's when I got scared and of and ...

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Surgical abortion under general anaesthetic vs local anaesthetic

When I was 22 yrs old I had a surgical abortion under general anaesthetic. At the time I was 12 weeks pregnant and this was the only option I was allowed. I felt no pain and had no bleeding this I ...

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At 3 wks, as a diabetic, surgical abortion was the only option

I am a 21-year-old type 1 diabetic. I was seeing someone for about a year and we weren't really in a relationship. We were sleeping together quite frequently and had generally been quite careful. ...

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I was 6 weeks but the picture showed the shape of a baby

I was 21 in my second year at University when I found out I was pregnant. Due to being in the middle of my studies my boyfriend and I would need to have a termination. I went for the medical and I ...

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Surgical abortion at 20 weeks without sedation: horror & relief

I have every emotion going through me, I had a 20-week gestation abortion only 3 days ago. It was awful and I can't stop thinking about the procedure. I am however experiencing great relief. my I ...

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It was a shock as he was told it'd be very hard to have children

Today I'm 21 years old and I have fallen pregnant with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years who was told that it would be very hard for him to ever have children. So when I found out the test was I was ...

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He said he was sterile so I didn't take the morning after pill

I had my abortion today at around 4-5 weeks along. The guy I was with said he was “sterile” after the condom broke and so I didn't panic and didn't take the morning after pill... - A I ...

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