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Surgical abortion options vary depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy but there are two main types: vacuum aspiration or dilation & evacuation. Click below for experiences of surgical abortion:

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When you book an abortion they don't explain the whole thing

I had an abortion this year at 14 weeks pregnant. The reason it was left 'till this late was that I was on holiday for 2 months and a week. When I returned to the UK I took a pregnancy test, at my ...

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I found other peoples abortion stories on this site comforting

I'm 17 and had a surgical abortion a few weeks ago I'm 17 and had a surgical abortion a few weeks ago now, I was beyond terrified but now I don't know what for. [Read more stories ...

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I feel alone and empty and wish I'd never had an abortion

Hi, I am 17 years old and had an abortion on the 6/6/15. My boyfriend is 18 and we have been together and still are now for 10 months. I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant and we both to it ...

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A positive surgical abortion story as other stories terrified me

Hi there, this is a positive story about my surgical abortion at 14 weeks as everywhere I looked the stories terrified me! So as my experience was quite “positive” I thought I would if ...

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After my abortion (I was 16) it was ok but now at 19 it's hard

I had a surgical abortion at 16. I found out I was pregnant on my boyfriend, of only 6 months, 18th birthday. I chose to have a surgical abortion, and I feel the experience was a pleasant one with ...

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My Marie Stopes abortion wasn't the massive shock I expected

I recently found out I was pregnant unexpectedly and unfortunately it was also unplanned. I made the decision to have an abortion straight away as I simply don't believe in having a family just in ...

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I was pregnant & shocked - I'd been on birth control for months

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant... I was shocked. I've been on birth control for the past several months after having my daughter 8 months ago. I told my boyfriend and of he was ...

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I used to be someone that didn't really agree with abortion

Yesteday i got a surgical abortion [more stories about surgical and decided to share my ...

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I hope my positive surgical abortion story is informative

My story is kind of happy. Not that having an abortion is a happy thing but it isn't all doom-and-gloom. I don't regret my decision at all. At 25 I had big plans, at 40 I'm glad I got the ...

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I had a surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes

On April 22nd, I had a surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes. I only waited till now to share my story because I wanted to take the tests and be sure, which I just did and they were ...

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