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Surgical abortion options vary depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy but there are two main types: vacuum aspiration or dilation & evacuation. Click below for experiences of surgical abortion:

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The waiting was the worst bit, every story increased my anxiety

Don't want to bore you with full story of my reasons for abortion but I found out I was pregnant 2 week after condom split, I booked in maire stopes instantly and got a consultation/ treatment day ...

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I dread it: my surgical abortion was 3 years ago to the day

It's 30th April tomorrow & I dread this day so much. Three years ago to that day I had a surgical abortion. [...

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I dread this day so much - 3 years ago I had a surgical abortion

It's 30th April tomorrow & I dread this day so much. Three years ago to that day I had a ...

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I've been feeling dead since my surgical abortion at 7 weeks

I was engaged for 2 years. My long distance finance lived in America and me far away miles from him. Countries apart, long distance had its obstacles. So in this period of loneliness I met ...

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My BPAS surgical abortion under local anaesthetic took 5 mins

I have been with my partner for 8 months and we live 178 miles apart. With all of this taken into consideration having a baby was just not the best option for us both at the moment. I to I ...

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For anyone feeling in the dark about having a surgical abortion

Just for anyone who is in the dark about having a surgical abortion! I had a surgical abortion yesterday and I was a nervous wreck! I honestly couldn't sleep and I worked myself up so much! My is ...

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At 16 wks I thought surgical abortion would be less traumatic

I found out that I was pregnant on New Year's Eve. I immediately went into panic mode, thinking things like “my boyfriend's going to freak out and leave me!”. I hadn't had any ...

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I was 15 and pregnant but didn't realise until my bump showed

I fell pregnant at 15, I had no clue it all started when I started to show a bump so I took a test and it said I was pregnant. I sat there in tears. I didn't have a clue what I was going a ...

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I elected to have a surgical abortion with sedation at 6.5 weeks

Married and in my early 30s, when I discovered I was (accidentally!) pregnant I knew this wasn't the right time. We'd like to have a child one day - but I don't mean next year - I mean maybe in my ...

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I had a surgical abortion at 16 and am facing the same at 22

I had an abortion back in 2008 when I was 16 years old. I didn't think I was ready, I knew I wasn't ready to be responsible for a child's life. I was young and scared. Scared my mother be ...

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